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There are some great resources for young people to access for lots of different purposes. Although we are not linked to any these, we do think they are great!



biblegateway.comYou Version Bible App

We love the Bible because we think it is the primary way that God communicates with us. We think it is worth reading as much as possible. You Version is a really helpful app you can download for free on your phone. You can go through Bible reading plans to help you get the most out of God's word.

If you haven't tried reading the Bible before, we would recommend starting in the book of Luke (about 2 thirds of the way through) as it is all about Jesus' life on earth! 

We are really aware that life is not always easy, and sometimes we need some support. If self harm is something that you are struggling with, we would really urge you to talk to someone about it, a youth leader, parent doctor or another trusted adult. is a great resource for support in this area too. They have a programme called Alumina which you can sign up to join an online group and receive 1-to-1 sessions too!

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